Peristera Wreck

Everyone must dive this ancient shipwreck. What an amazing experience!

Underwater museum (Peristera ancient shipwreck)

The Classical Shipwreck at Alonnisos is a shipwreck of the Classical Greek period that sunk near the islet Peristera at a depth of 30 m. Its cargo of 3.000-4.000 amphoras made it the largest transport ship yet known of its period when excavation began in 1992, and it carried wine from Mende and Skopelos. In addition to amphoras, the ship transported many valuable items including black-glazed cups, plates and bronze tableware.

In 1985 a Greek fisherman discovered a large Classical shipwreck and declared it to the Greek Department of Maritime Antiquities. The wreck was marked by thousands of amphorae forming a mound 25 m by 12 m and clearly indicating the shape of the ship. The upper layer was jumbled, but the lower layer appeared relatively undisturbed. The size of the mound indicated that this shipwreck was twice as large as any other shipwreck of the Classical period discovered at that time.

Three of the amphorae were recovered for examination and they dated to the last quarter of the 5th c BC, and were identified as wine amphorae from Mende and Skopelos.

A conservative estimate of the cargo indicates that it carried 4.200 amphoras, with a weight of 126 metric tons. The length of the hull was 25 to 30 m. This makes it considerably larger than the shipwrecks from other Classical shipwrecks. Thus we have a conclusive proof that the Greeks constructed ships capable of carrying burdens up to 150 metric tons from the fifth century BC onwards.

The marine area surrounding the Alonnisos shipwreck is protected as part of the Alonnisos Marine Park and it is an underwater museum.

Our Professionals instructors, great guys with years of experience in diving and also specially trained by the Ephorate of Archaeological Authorities in order to protect our heritage & guide the divers to the ancient wreck wait to dive in history with you.

In order to dive to the ancient wreck, you had to be at least Advanced Open Water diver and also to make a check dive before.There are only 4 slots per day with a maximum of 8 divers per slot, making two groups of 4 divers plus the leader for every group.

Before the dive Panagiotis will gave you a common briefing about the ancient shipwreck, when we will start to decent, there is a line that we will have to follow so we will start the dive right at the correct spot, thoughts and images going to flash when the shipwreck will appeared in front of your eyes and you will saw these amphorae are standing still at this spot for over 2.500 years, sunken from a ship that people were trying to trade, it is an unbelievable flash back like no other!

You have also the opportunity to visit the old town of Alonissos where the municipality had built a museum with information for the ancient wreck. There everyone, diver or not can have the great experience of diving the ancient wreck from a 3d display and observe the replicas of the amphorae from close. Great introduction for what you going to see the next morning.

The museum opened its gates on the 3rd of August 2020 till the 2nd of October 2020. During this period, it was dived 66 times by 246 divers.

Everyone must dive this ancient shipwreck it is an amazing experience!

There is much more to come. In the following years we are expecting many more ancient dive sites that have been discovered in the area to open. Alonissos has so much more to offer! Plenty of interested and unique dives! Wrecks & corals, caves & caverns, a great island to dive!!!